Cocking A Snook Too!

Independent, Irreverent Unschoolers – or at least one – Take On the Universe

It’s Not As Dirty As It Sounds March 2, 2007

A few words about the title of this web log (or “blog” as I like to call it – perhaps it’ll catch on, who knows):

I realize that it sounds like some unfamiliar form of deviant bestiality (is there any other kind?) assuming that a “snook” is some sort of moose (if so, being “snookered” would of course refer to the all-too common scenario of a particularly belligerent moose accosting you in your home and confusing you).   And, naturally, assuming “cocking” meant………well, ahem.

But nay, although some of the Google searches that lead people to stumble across my blog are less than savory, “Cocking a Snook” refers only to the innocent taunt in which this hardy lad is depicted engaging.

This site is neither “icky”, “creepy”, nor an outlet for photographs of attractive woodland animals in lingerie. This site is merely an extension of the random thought generator that is the brain of Penguin Dust (that’d be me). Also, this site is an extension of the site “Cocking a Snook“, which is an extension of the brain of JJ, who is my mom, and Nance, who is not.

And while vaguely hallucenogenic elephants may dance through my head from time to time, as they did in Dumbo, these elephants are simply dancing about in order to express sheer joy, and not doing anything with their peanuts if you catch my drift, so you shall see no such filth here.

With the exception of this whole post.

For JJ’s explanation of the phrase, check this out.


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