Cocking A Snook Too!

Independent, Irreverent Unschoolers – or at least one – Take On the Universe

About September 15, 2006

This is an example of a WordPress page. I could edit this to put information about myself or my site so readers know where I am coming from. Or I could not. It remains to be seen.

But a little bit about me:

Homeschooled from age 5 to age 18, and the better for it. Attended community college beginning at 15, now in “real” college and pursuing a bachelor’s in English with an emphasis in creative writing.

Atheist, book-loving liberal – and yes, I’d be glad to wear a top hat and a monocle to flesh out your stereotype.

This blog is a collection of things that I was either angry enough about or interested enough in to write about. If I’m not passionate or struck by it, I won’t write it. In that, you have a guarantee.


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