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The History of Psychology August 31, 2007

A side-track in the ongoing Principles of Sociology series.

They both end in “ology”, right?



The Principles of Sociology (Part 2) August 29, 2007

This is the second piece of the continuing series, “The Principles of Sociology as Understood By Me, Explained Through Crudely Drawn Cartoons.” (more…)


The Principles of Sociology (Part 1)

As my mom is bursting with pride to tell everyone, I am enrolled in Sociology 101 this fall. It is highly illuminating, and I felt that I should share some of my knowledge with you. I also felt that this knowledge should be in the format of allegorical cartoons of stick figures.

So I proudly present my drawing (the first in a many-part series) illustrating what I gleaned in my first two classes. Please, read with discretion — I would not want you imprisoned by the board of education for gaining complete understanding of the basics of sociology without paying them money. The board of education can be quite brutal, what with their secret roaming police who keep an extensive list about what you read, where, and when, and I would not want your death on my head. (more…)


Don’t need no drugs to calm me……. August 18, 2007

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When their kids had problems, my grandparents’ generation had a cheap and easy solution: “get over it”. (Repeat as necessary until child gets over it)
My grandmother did this to me a lot when I was growing up, in extreme cases punctuating it with an eye roll to illustrate that there were starving children in Africa, for godssakes, and I had nothing to complain about.

My parents’ generation, on the other hand, thought that their kids’ problems were best solved through therapy. I know women my mom’s age whose offspring have been in talk therapy since they could talk.

But all those SUV-driving-huge-sunglasses-wearing-cell-phone-talking-designer-purse-toting-thirty-something-moms have yet another child rearing philosophy: Whatever your kid’s problem is, medicate the shit out of it.

I’ve heard of Generation Rx, of course, those darn sneaky kids who raid mommy’s medicine cabinet for a high. I think I might technically be part of GenRx, although the label seems to apply primarily to the tween set. People my age go to high school and snort crack, as far as I know, pill-popping is for weaker souls.

But the Truth commercials, having long since given up the ghost trying to stop college kids from smoking pot, seem extremely concerned about GenRx. So does the Partnership for a Drug-Free America. (more…)