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So. Vote for me. Now would be good. April 9, 2007

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As I’m going to assume none of you knows, I have been nominated for a prize, although I am not Al Gore, so said prize is neither an Oscar nor a US Presidency (you can’t tell me they didn’t give him the former as compensation for losing the latter.) But like Al Gore, I fully intend to make my bitter, jaded supporters refer to me as President Gore for at least the next year, should I lose. I, PenguinDust – well, really the blog, not me – have been nominated for a Homeschool Blog Award in the category of “Best Teen Blog”.

This is rather a mixed blessing: on the one hand, I like winning things. On the other hand, I’ve striven to make this more than some angsty, high-output, “OMG”-heavy “teen” blog. Indeed, I’ve used the phrase OMG only twice, and that was just now as I was explaining how I’ve refrained from doing so. I’ve strived to make this little corner of the internet a (hopefully) insightful, if rarely updated blog that just happens to be written by a teen. Who just happens to be one of those homeschooled freaks you read about.

On the still third hand that I’ll borrow from a friend, I really like to win things.

So, vote for me. Like, NOW. Here is the link. Please click on it. You will see other nominees, some of whom are pretty good, including Chris, (who currently has more votes than anyone, grrr) and observes “In order for me to win I need to get the most votes.” Chris has an excellent point – so do not vote for these other nominees. I’ve been working on a series of attack ads clearly illustrating how they are all draft-dodgers and flip-floppers (especially Chris) but they aren’t finished, so you’ll just have to take my tenuous word for it.

If you need more convincing, just check out these awesome reviews that this blog has received over time.

“You’re not a typical homeschooler, you’re kind of a radical unschooler making your own way. You’re not one of those religious homeschoolers, you’re a new voice, very independent. And surely there must be some kids out there like you.” – My Mom

“OMG, amazing! freaking amazing, totally true!” – My friend Kikki

“Amazing.” – My Boyfriend

“Oh BTW, can I have your blog URL again?” – My best friend Jules

Unfortunately, the gentleman I’d counted on being my highest-ranking Republican supporter could not be pinned down in regards to his vote.
“I appreciate it, they’re all great people. I like ’em.” – Gov. Charlie Crist.


20 Responses to “So. Vote for me. Now would be good.”

  1. Hal Halladay Says:

    Okay. You sold me. Found this blog randomly but your argument was compelling and we can all relate to wanting to win things. Good luck.

  2. goldenferi Says:

    Great blog, I’ll vote for you. Its good to see strong independent minds out there and not more drones who can’t think for themselves. We need more of you for the future. I think our school systems are falling apart and homeschoolers are really at an advantage.

  3. werequiremorevespenegas Says:


  4. Yay for non-“like-totally-OMG-for-real” teens. You like Obama. You question the meaning of food labels in grocery. AND you can actually write.

    Plus, you have a category for “criticism of the stupid,” a topic which is near and dear to my heart. One day I hope to find the time to complete my stupidity-centric site: Maybe we can collaborate.

    In the meantime, you can check out my blog on here, or my other (now with less frequent updates!) blog, here. Okay, so that may have seemed like three shameless plugs in one comment, but I voted for you, so… we’re even, right?

  5. Well, I am a teenager. I am a News / Political Blogger. I think it’s great that you blog at your age.

    Asher Heimermann

  6. penguindust Says:

    Yes, I’d say we’re even. Tell your friends – I trade shameless plugs for votes.

  7. Hi;
    Opps… just a minute… I wanted to, there. Done! I just voted for “Cocking A Snook Too!” I’m including the name in my comment because the hardest part of voting for you was finding the Blog Name!

    Anyone, with intelligence, can clearly see you have a creative side that could only properly be nurtured and developed … at home!

    Best of Luck!

    Feel free to contact me, I’d love to do a Post on Home Schooling and your newly acquired fame!

    Yes, I’m sincere.

    Make it a great day!

    Brian Hurlburt

  8. well would you look at that? you’re at 25% now! (thanks to wordpress & me.) go get em! right then, shameless plugs for votes? I’m not a teenager, and I ramble incessantly about life and include stuff like photos of the world’s biggest icicle, not to mention lots of talk about shiny objects and bumble bees. oh there goes the beep of the microwave; the beast is done defrosting. I must go. Thank you President Gore! 😉

  9. corinnamakris Says:

    I found your blog randomly I was compelled to read it and to comment. You’ve got a unique voice. I really enjoy your writing. Oh and I like winning stuff too so go get ’em!

    corinna makris

  10. Where can I vote? I don’t see how or where…

    Asher Heimermann

  11. penguindust Says:

    Thanks for asking, Asher – apparently several people found that confusing. I just got very enthusiastic and forgot to pack my clarity.
    Copy and paste this URL:

    and then click on “Cocking a Snook Too!” and click “vote”

    I really appreciate all the interest, everybody, it means a lot.

    Thank you.

  12. I vote, so far – your winning!

    Good luck!

    Asher Heimermann

    PS, do you think you could add my blog to your blogroll?

  13. Maral Moghadasi Says:

    Voted for ya ^__^. Hope you win!

  14. salmanlatif Says:

    Voted.Happy now!

  15. dmannimal Says:

    Done!! I think I just tied you with Chris, or at least, you’re both at 27%, for now.
    Great blog overall, I love your writing style, your prose is beautiful, witty, and insightful.
    Thankfully, there ARE some teens with brains out there. Sometimes reading blogs, posts to various groups, etc etc, by the present generation of young adults, can be a truly frightening experience! I’m sure you know what I’m talking about, you know, those posts, blogs, whatever, by “gangsta wannabe” types, that don’t seem to be living in the same universe as the rest of us -grin-
    The language, can’t even be referred to as pidgin English, just some strange dialect that I actually have to struggle, to get a handle on. OK,I’m rambling, sorry 😉 I’ll shut up now.
    Best of luck with the contest, you have a new fan -smile-

  16. samhuh Says:

    I voted for you, and I actually looked a couple of the other nominees. My own blog is over there too, and I must admit that I doubt I’ll win. I’d like to see you beat those twins, but given the nature of too many hsers, I’m afraid their link farm is going to win. My own blog is in the funniest category. Can I shamelessly ask for my own votes?

  17. JJ Says:

    Here is the most wonderful, hard-won endorsement I can imagine. Getting this kind of authentic readership and respect is the best kind of winning imo. But you knew that already, right? 🙂
    Love Mom

    I’ve asked for my own votes at the homeschool blog awards, and I’ve voted for some folks that deserve to win. For the most part, I’m not one to worry too much about other people. They can ask for their own votes.

    Today I’ve decided to do things differently. You must believe it’s not just the twins that are currently winning driving me to do this because I don’t really even know any of these people. I know I likely shouldn’t say it, but I wasn’t aware that a blog and a link farm were the same thing, but I digress. Oh sure, they do have all those Bible verses, but they didn’t write that shit either, and I’d wager they didn’t even type it out. They probably just copied and pasted from the eBible, the little savages. Damn I can’t stop digressing. Sorry, sometimes things just get to you, like a little piece of wood under a fingernail.

    Cocking a Snook Too actually deserves to win the category the twins are leading in, the best teen homeschooling blog. She writes and writes well. She doesn’t seem to have to reduce herself to artful cursery like I do, even if she does seem to have olive oil issues. Which, if she reads this, go with extra virgin first cold press. Those are the only words you need to know.

    The boys need lunch, and I need a smoke, and I’m ending the plea with whatever you call that last little bit of push, like the NPR folks sounding a little desperate as the hour ends. Click homeschool blog award, then vote for Cocking a Snook Too. Don’t take my word for it though. Visit the blog and see for yourself.

    Posted by samuel at 8:54 PM

  18. […] before you do, you might enjoy reading HER appeal for your vote: As I’m going to assume none of you know, I have been nominated for a prize, although I am […]

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