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Quote of the Day 2/21/07 February 22, 2007

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“When evolution is outlawed, only outlaws will evolve.”

– A witticism posted on a bulletin board in the History building


Poetry Day – Part Deux February 15, 2007

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Look closely at the two Barbara Hamby poems I mentioned previously (Trigger Tries to Explain and Noli Me Tangere, Stupid) and see if you notice something I didn’t (at least not until it was pointed out to me – as my beloved/academically tense friend Julia would berate, “How simple are you?”). Go ahead, look. I’ll wait.

They are both written in a poetic form known as “ABCdarian”. Each line of Trigger appears in alphabetical order, thus:

Aw, Dale, he didn’t mean it when he said I was the

Best thing that ever happened to him. If he even said it,

Chalk it up to the RKO publicity machine.

Isn’t that cool? Noli Me is a little different, every other line is alphabetical (unless there are formatting issues in the version posted to this site, in which case I apologize. You are all intelligent enough to discern where the line breaks should be in such a situation, I assume).

Both poems are from her entirely ABCdarian collection of poetry, The Alphabet of Desire, the only copy of which I was able to grab from the school library (ha!). Ms. Hamby spoke of her love for the ABCdarian format today in class, as I sat there, to the best of my ability transcribed her lecture, and felt I should be wearing this t-shirt.

She said she began as a free-verse poet, but wound up moving farther and farther into form poetry because the format, ABCdarian in particular, allows her to uncover things she wouldn’t have.

“{ABCdarians} Just work for me…..You can have the best laid plans, but when you’re writing it jst happens in a moment…..I get into the zone so fast this way. Something in the form just works with my inner mechanisms.”

“If you find something that works for you, you stick with it. I like the mining analogy – If you’re a miner and you strike gold, you don’t say, ‘oh, okay, I’ve struck gold, I think I’ll go over to the other side of the mine now and see if I can strike gold there….’ No, you stay and you mine that gold!” (more…)


Poetry Day! February 14, 2007

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So, despite having a sub-par creative writing class this morning – I’ve never had a substitute teacher mispronounce the word ‘homilies’ – I found this awesome poet Barbara Hamby. She teaches at my local big-time university, and is coming to speak to my class on Thursday. I’m psyched, as the kids say.
So I thought I’d share these two poems that I’ve absolutely fallen in love with, both by Hamby. Just do me a favor – It’s pronounced HOMM-ill-ease (more…)


The Meaning of Flunkey February 9, 2007

I’m done. I’m just done. It’s not that I don’t like history. History is fascinating.

But not the way Donald H. Barry, PhD, teaches it.

As it happens, I am a good kid, have been for years, so I am not going to cause a scene.

I am not going to stand and cry “I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore!” I’m not going to approach Donald H. Barry, PhD, and inform him that he’s a pretentious self-righteous blowhard.

Nay, I am merely going to meet with my advisor and drop this class. Because I am done.

I am done with multiple choice tests about irrelevant material.

I am through reading everything he tells me to read but not making As.

Something has changed internally – last week, my plan was to make an A in the class just to spite this idiot. But, as one of my boyfriend’s favorite t-shirts announces: I just realized……I don’t care.

I don’t care which Native American language was originally spoken

in Canada.

I don’t care who originally settled Brazil.

Most of all, I am not in the least interested in Donald H. Barry, PhD.’s opinions on capitalism, the Iraq war, or the educational system. But I find I hear about them a lot.

Now, I’m not reactionary, I’m not going to report him to the dean for blathering editorially in his classroom, I’m just through listening. I’m reminded of my family and friends’ sentiments about free speech: The DaVinci code bothers you? Then don’t read it! Gay marriage bothers you? Then don’t get one and shut the hell up!

I am not impressed that Donald H. Barry is a PhD. My mom is a PhD. So is my literature professor. So is Bill Cosby. So?

“You can make anything interesting if you want to,” Donald H. Barry, PhD says as he drones about economics. True. I just don’t want to. (more…)